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25Fit Vietnam



Scope of work

Logo design

Brand Guideline

Corporate Identity



We provide a 360 solutions from designing their branding, to website and booking app.

Step into the future with a high-tech EMS fitness brand

Fitness is all about energy and a zest for life. Our logo captures this essence by utilizing vibrant and dynamic colors. The color palette, consisting of electric pink and vibrant turquoise evoking a sense of excitement and enthusiasm of a high-tech fitness brand. We also drew a dynamic italic typeface to represent the fast movements in workout experience.

We work hand-in-hand with our client through a branding exercise process to define the brand’s unique selling points, missions & visions, core values and brand personalities. After that we propose a creative mood board and different art directions for the branding design. See some of the mood boards we researched for 25FIT which suggested the brand’s archetype, personalities and style.