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Meet Beyond Creative Agency – one of 49 exhibitors who showcased products and services at the Echelon X in Singapore EXPO

At its core, Echelon serves as a platform dedicated to gathering key innovators with the goal of fostering collaboration among startups, investors, corporates, SMEs, government bodies, and various ecosystem players by offering valuable tools and knowledge.



This annual gathering, attracting top brands and industry figures, grants attendees exclusive access to market insights, growth initiatives, a digital marketplace, market entry strategies, brand enhancement opportunities, and a platform for networking and collaboration among the region’s most promising innovators.

Beyond Creative Agency was one of 49 most exciting innovators from across the region participated in Echelon X

A highlight of Echelon X was the Exhibitors feature, showcasing the most innovative products and services from today’s most exciting startups across the region. Beyond Creative Agency had the opportunity to explore groundbreaking solutions, forge strategic partnerships, and chart the course for future success in the dynamic landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.

Our booth in slot T8 at Echelon X

Happened in May 15-16, 2024, at Singapore EXPO Hall 2, Echelon X had embarked on a mission to fortify the resilience of the tech ecosystem. By fostering deeper collaboration, disseminating cutting-edge knowledge, and propelling collective innovation, this edition had become a beacon of transformative change.

The event also featured a workshop and networking session for startups, innovators, and corporations. This helped to strengthen connections, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among businesses in the region.

Ms Vi Ton – BCA Founder & CEO – is having conversations with other businesses interested in expanding into the Vietnamese market.

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